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Individual Therapy

Are you looking for someone to help find joy or peace but you aren't quite sure how to get there or where to start?


  • Have you experienced a life changing event that has left you struggling to cope with the changes? 

  • Do you have a parent with narcissistic tendencies?

  • Do you have a childhood that feels hard to look back at?

  • Are you struggling in your relationships and feeling lonely?

  • Are you a caregiver to someone with critical illness? 

  • Have you experienced a recent loss of a loved one—a spouse, sibling, parent, friend? 

  • Are you grieving other types of losses such as a job loss, loss of normalcy, a relationship loss?

  • Are you a parent, spouse, sibling or grandparent with a loved one with cancer or pediatric cancer? 

Sometimes life will throw a curve ball at you that leaves you feeling stuck, overwhelmed and isolated.


As a trauma informed therapist, we will explore the impact on your life and how to process and incorporate coping strategies that will help you fee validated, help find your “new normal” and help you reconnect with your loved ones.

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What time of day would you like to schedule your appointment?

Select option below for rates and times available. 

Daytime Therapy
8 am -5 pm

Rates start at $150

Night Skies

Evening Therapy
5 pm - 8 pm

Rates start at $188

Art Display

Weekend Therapy
Friday Evening -Sunday

Rates start at $225

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Daytime Rates (8 am - 5 pm)

Book your Daytime Appointment Now!

40-45 minutes:........ $150

50-60 minutes:.........$200

90 minutes:...............$300

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Evening Rates (After 5 PM)

These prime time slots are limited in availability. Book your appointment today!

40-45 minutes:........ $188

50-60 minutes:.........$250

90 minutes:...............$375

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Weekend Rates

Book your weekend session now!

40-45 minutes:........ $225

50-60 minutes:.........$300

90 minutes:...............$450

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