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In Person and Online EMDR Therapy, Trauma, Grief and Critical Illness Therapy


My name is Adriana Lewin. 

Licensed Professional Counselor

Adriana is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas. She is a Trauma and Grief therapist. She is EMDR trained and loves helping clients build resilience and discover their authentic and empowered strengths. 

Adriana has been helping others manage anxiety, depression, and the art of handling complicated relationships for over a decade. 

She has specialized training in treating trauma, both big traumas and micro sized traumas that accumulate over time. She also has additional training in grief and relationships which help her create a unique approach towards the impact of trauma on an individual and their social, emotional, financial and spiritual wellbeing. 


She lives in McKinney, TX and is married to her best friend. She has three adorable children who keep her on her toes. She loves to read books and listen to Audible, and loves to socialize and meet with friends and family. 

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Get to Know Adriana

Adriana is the founder of Grace to Heal Counseling, serving the North Texas Community. She serves her clients primarily through online/telehealth/virtual therapy. 

She worked in Corporate America for over a decade before discovering her passion and talent for helping others. 


She has extensively studied trauma and worked as a trauma therapists with adults and children. 

At the onset of the pandemic, she had a child diagnosed with cancer, which created a new level of understanding and awareness around the mental health struggles that families face when there is a critical illness in the home. She founded Family Chemotherapy, a Podcast, Blog and community to provide resources for families faced with Childhood Cancer. She continues to provide services for families facing cancer, and caregivers struggling with the delicate balance of caregiving responsibilities. 

After the unexpected and early death of her younger brother and becoming a caregiver to a child diagnosed with cancer, she realized the lack of support and resources for a hurting population.  

She explored personally what it is to be resilient and what helps strengthen resiliency. Anyone can be resilient, with the right support and the right tools and a little bit a therapy. 


EMDR Training: 

Individual EMDR


EMDR ASSYST - Individual and Group


EMDR Remote

EMDR and Play Therapy for Children, Adolescents and Adult


Certified Grief Informed Professional (PESI)

Gottman Relationship Training 

Gottman Part 1

Gottman Part 2 (In progress)

Critical Illness & Caregiving

Although no formal training is actually available in this particular population, Adriana has extensive personal experience through having a child diagnosed with childhood cancer and expanding knowledge through organizations that focus on critical illness on the family system. She understands the psychosocial impacts of a critical illness diagnosis on the whole family. 

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