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In Person and Online EMDR Therapy, Trauma, Grief and Critical Illness Therapy

Grief & Bereavement Counseling 

Losing a loved one is the most common form of grief that gets your attention. It is raw and painful. Isolating and lonely. Relentless and heavy. Not all loss is traumatic, but all trauma experiences loss.  And sometimes the death of someone in your circle brings up complicated and messy thoughts and emotions. 


Sometimes, grief and loss come from circumstances not related to death. For example, there is a tremendous amount of grief when you: 

  • transition into a new role as a single parent or recent divorcee 

  • lose a job or a business you really enjoyed being a part of

  • become an empty nester

  • lose your health or witness the decline of health of your loved one

  • suddenly become a caregiver

  • realize that your childhood had more trauma that you cared to admit

  • present and future secondary losses 

First, you are not alone, even if your grief feels lonely. Finding someone who will give you the space for you to feel the pain without shame or judgement is challenging. Many therapists, unfamiliar with the pain of grief want you to move on, get over it,  believe God has a plan, or "focus on the positive." Those things come naturally with time, but your grief needs the time to feel it. 

Adriana has experienced the unexpected loss of her younger brother, which felt life shattering. Then she soon felt the loss of normalcy and security when her child was diagnosed with cancer and endured a year of treatment and the losses during and after treatment that followed. She isn't afraid to sit with you in your grief without rushing  you through it. Your losses are very real to you and you deserve to find a place where you feel like your grief is not too much to talk about. 

Grief Counseling

We all experience grief to a variety of degrees throughout our life.  If you find yourself in a place where your grief is making your day to day challenging to cope through, it may be time to talk to someone. 

The first year is usually the most difficult. You have many first dates without a person, which is a painful reminder of life moving forward without your loved one - first birthdays, first anniversary dates, first holidays.  That's absolutely expected. 

Grief does not make you weak. Grief counseling does not make you weak. It is a courageous step forward into allowing yourself to honor your loved one without feeling stuck in the pain, because grief and joy can coexist, as they will for as long as you love the person you lost. 

In additional to painful life experience, Adriana has taken extra training through accredited institutions to specialize in grief and traumatic grief. 


Schedule your initial consult with Adriana to see if she is the right fit for you in your grief journey. 



Weekly sessions are recommended, but you can arrange less frequent sessions to accommodate your financial needs and/or schedule. 

Please note: Grief is not a covered service by insurance. In order to claim Out of Network benefits, you will need a diagnosis that will go on your permanent medical record. 

Grief Support Groups

Grief Support groups are powerful communities of people who "get" what you are going through and hold space for all the emotions without judgement. 

Many people shy away from the idea joining a group because it migiht feel that the one-on-one model might be better. That's okay too! 

Grief Support Groups combat the brain's natural coping mechanism of isolation during despair. Groups help you learn from others, help you feel supported by others, and help you feel validated in your experience.  It also makes counseling affordable. 

Each Online support group is an 8 week long commitment. You can re-enroll for the next 8 week support group as often as you like. 

Format: Online Support Only. 

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