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In Person and Online EMDR Therapy, Trauma, Grief and Critical Illness Therapy

Critical Illness and Medical Trauma

If you are a parent, adult, teen or caregiver who has experienced a life changing medical diagnosis in your home and need a safe place to explore your emotions, your losses and your grief, you have come to the right place. Finding a therapist who will work with a person or family faced with critical illness and medical trauma is like finding a unicorn. 

Many therapists are quick to have you "focus on the positive" and forget to see the layers upon layers of losses that critical illness and medical trauma brings - past, present, and future losses as well.  

Adriana experienced the sudden losses and anxieties faced with critical illness when her child was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. She understands the layers of losses and the impact on the psychosocial and spiritual wellbeing of the family, each family member and the system as a whole. It became a passion to help others faced with similar trauma to find a safe place to grieve while learning helpful coping strategies. 

There is quite a bit of grief and loss, so finding a therapist like Adriana, who specializes in trauma, grief and loss, can help you move forward while honoring your experience . 

Critical Illness

Have you or your family experienced a life changing medical diagnosis?

Critical illness brings losses and grief, at the time of diagnosis, during medical treatment and for many, for years of treatment side effects  that follow.  Even children process grief at different milestone ages as they are forced to process new information, new understanding and new losses. 

Adriana is very familiar with the fear, anxiety, the grief and losses that critical illness can bring to a family faced with critical illness or life changing medical diagnosis. 


  • Individual Therapy

  • Support Group

Medical Trauma

Medical Trauma can create emotional and physical pain in response to an injury, an illness, a fear response to recent or future medical procedures and/or treatments. 

She is able to use EMDR to help patients prepare for their upcoming procedures. Considering the fairly quick nature of scheduling surgeries, the best approach for upcoming procedures is an EMDR intensive. 

Adriana would assess you for signs of PTSD, but even without a full PTSD diagnosis, you can still benefit from proactively treat post traumatic stress. 

Adriana uses a combination of CBT and EMDR to treat Medical Trauma. 


  • Individual Therapy

  • Support Group

Individual counseling for medical trauma uses CBT, Logotherapy/Existential therapy and EMDR. 

Support Group Waitlist


You have suddenly been given a load of responsibility in addition to everything else in your life. Navigating the caregiving role is challenging, lonely, isolating and all-encompassing. 

Many caregivers take on the role of caregiving at the expense of their mental and physical well being. Caregiving impacts your ability to freely balance your life, with many unexpected health challenges that come up that change your plans in an instant. 

Caregivers have benefited greatly from EMDR and EMDR groups. To learn more about the published research article, click below.

EMDR with Caregivers


  • Individual Therapy

  • Support Group

Caregivers can seek individual counseling or sign up for group support or EMDR groups when available. 

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